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Oh, right, puppy

Yeah, she's adorable. And going to the v-e-t today!

Stress? What's that?

I look forward to the mornings at my computer. I get quiet time - except for Brian, who insists on having a conversation and getting attention. Brian isn't very social, hence why the mornings are so special.

I am, of course, a big ball of stress. That wasn't helped by yesterday's ridiculousness.

On Sunday, about five minutes before my parents arrived at the apartment, we lost power to the bedrooms and living room. Flipping the breakers didn't help, so I called the office to get the maintenance guy out here. After about 15 minutes, the power came back, so I cancelled the request.

Last night, Chas and I were just sitting in the living room - TV wasn't on, we didn't touch anything - and the power goes again. I call maintenance, and they ask me to start flipping the breakers. As I'm doing it, Chas yells at me to stop, because he's seeing sparks in the bedroom. The outlet with our TV, Xbox, PS3, and cable box has MELTED.

The maintenance guy comes over and switches out the receptacle in the outlet. We turn the power back on, everything looks good. Our only casualty is the surge protector.

I'm just glad we were home when the power went out. I don't even want to think about the fire hazard.

I do know that the cats require double the number of kisses every day now.

I'm...an adult?

On Wednesday, Chas and I headed out with our realtor to see some houses. We had made an offer the previous Friday and hadn't been able to negotiate the $5K gap between our final offer and their final offer, so we walked away from it. Our realtor has been great about figuring out what we like, so she had scheduled appointments at three houses - one I had asked about, and the other two she picked out.

The first one was really underpriced for the neighborhood, so we were pretty excited to look at it. Lo and behold, the basement was flooded and there was black mold. We weren't willing to deal with that in any way, shape or form, so we high-tailed it out of there.

The next was just a poor floorplan, and we couldn't get excited about it. And the street was crowded.

The last was bright, freshly painted, and had new carpets. 3BR, 1.5BA, adorable backyard. Chas and I walked all around for a while - I've learned that the longer I stay in a house, the more I like it. The next day, I had our realtor send over the seller's disclosure and CMA. However, we were pretty tired of dealing with real estate stuff - I had class Thursday evening, work Friday night and Saturday during the day, and we were going up to CT on Saturday/Sunday. Our realtor was supposed to be away Monday thru Wednesday, I have class again on Thursday, which put the earliest we could really put in an offer on June 26 (my birthday). The house had JUST come on the market, so we weren't too concerned. Our realtor let the seller's realtor know that we'd be putting the offer in on Friday.

Yesterday, I got a call from my realtor, who said that she had gotten a call that another offer was supposed to come in Monday or Tuesday. Well, crap. She was able to rearrange her schedule to meet us tonight after work. We put in an offer with some room for negotiation and figured we probably wouldn't hear back until late tomorrow, since the sellers would want to wait for the other offer.

Two hours after we put in the offer, my realtor called to say that she had talked to the seller's agent, who said that the lowest they would go was $5k over what we offered - which was perfect, because it was EXACTLY what we would have countered with. So our respective realtors are rushing to get the papers signed because they're both going to be away tomorrow and don't want to deal with it going over the date we put on the offer. Well, that, and they don't want to deal with another offer coming in.

So, pending those papers getting signed, we're moving into a house that we're BUYING. Settlement is supposed to be on August 7. Now, we have to pay to break our lease (boo), but that's something that we figured into our costs already. The other issue (and why we had a cap on the price) is that it doesn't have a washer, dryer or refrigerator, so they're going to have to be purchased.

Pics on my flickr

In other news, I'm totally getting a puppy.

Adventures in my Brain

I am still convinced that bad things come in threes. Now that those three things have happened, I believe that I'm done for at least another month.

Let's start with #1, which was actually the most recent, but easiest to deal with.

I decided to switch eye doctors, because the one I had was decidedly sexist. Back in January, I had called the office to get a refill on my contacts. The doctor called me back and left a voicemail, saying that he needed to talk to me to fill the prescription. I had no desire to deal with him again, so didn't bother calling back.

Last week, I made an appointment to see a new eye doctor. They called me back after verifying my insurance information to say that I was eligible for the appointment, but not contacts or lenses. I looked on my insurance website, and sure enough, I wasn't eligible until 2010. That jerk doctor filled my prescription - or at least filed a claim - without telling me. Thankfully, my eye insurance company is awesome, and they dealt with it before the end of the day. I was able to get my contacts ordered on Friday. (With a new Rx, by the way. My vision is getting better!)

#2...well this was just annoying.

We got a bill at the beginning of June from the State of New Jersey, asking for taxes that were supposedly owed. Well, that's funny, because we don't live in NJ, and PA and NJ have this silly law that says PA residents that work in NJ don't have to pay NJ income taxes.

I manage to get in touch with someone at the hotline that they provided on the bill and explained the situation. I said that I didn't understand, as I believed this bill was in error. The woman told me that we didn't send over a signed sworn statement with our taxes that we were residents of the state of PA. I think my mouth opened and closed a few times like a fish as I absorbed this. TurboTax certainly doesn't know about this little nuance in the system.

So I mailed off a copy of the bill, our signed statement, and copies of our W2s with a cover letter of what I was sending over. I'm hoping that will solve the issue once and for all.

Lastly, #3. The big one.

For those of you who have been playing at home, you'll know that Chas and I went through an ordeal in October when we did our little experiment with cable/internet company hopping. We switched from Company C to Company V, and then back again because V left us without internet service less than a week after it had been set up. When we cancelled with V, we were told to take the equipment (2 cable boxes, 2 remotes, and 1 router/modem combo) to a UPS store and it would be shipped back on their company account. Chas sent them off, and we figured we were done with them.

The next month, we get a bill for the cost of an unreturned modem. Chas calls them, and customer service says that they'll get it fixed. Well, you guessed it - we got another bill the next month. Again, Chas calls up. This time, the rep says that if we don't get a bill the next month then it's been fixed and we don't have to worry about it. We didn't get a bill the next month, so we figured it was dealt with.

Last month, Chas got a call on his cell phone while he was at work. From a collections agency. The collections agency that V had sent our bill to. For a router that we had returned. Chas was furious and ready to alert the local media. I dug up the executive customer service phone number.

It took some waiting, but I finally got a call back from the case manager. Apparently, there are two separate facilities for internet and TV. The router had ended up in the same box as the cable equipment and was therefore never checked into inventory at the internet facility. It can sometimes take months for the equipment to get to where it belongs. It's a problem in V's process, and they know it. The case manager apologized, said that our account had been credited and taken back from collections. She had also checked to make sure that nothing had been reported to the credit bureaus (it hadn't). I asked her about the rep that had said, "If you don't get a bill next month, it's been fixed," and she said that she'd look through our account history and find out what happened. Finally, I asked for something in writing that said everything had been taken care of and our account credited - we got that yesterday.

I've decided that the universe needs to leave me the hell alone for a while.

A post about...well...nothing

I realized that I haven't really updated in a while. So, where to start?

Work is crap. My on-call schedule is changing from once every fifth week to once every third week. I worked every weekend in April (coordinator, on-call, babysitting checkouts, environment upgrade with a data center power down thrown in for good measure). I'm kinda stuck here until I can find something else.

Classes are winding down for the spring. I have one paper left to finish, and it's the bane of my existence. I'm only taking one class over the summer, something about emerging technologies. It sounds like the kind of class where I'll have to show up, offer some input into whatever the professor is talking about, and write two papers.

After I get through this week, I have tickets for Bamboozle (NO DOUBT) on Sunday, then the Killers on Friday. I'm taking Monday and Friday off, but my big migration for work got pushed one week, so I'll actually have to get my ass out of bed on Saturday. We'll see how that works out. And, of course, I have tickets for No Doubt with Paramore in June.

I wish I was more entertaining, but my life is pretty boring right now.

The Dark Side

I gave in and ran to Wegmans after work because I really really wanted guacamole and figured that they'd have it.

I now fear that in just one short trip, I am addicted.

*goes back to her delicious Wegmans buffet Chinese food*

March Madness

Today I realized that March is...booked.

3/7: Watchmen with Gabe & Ilana (who will be known at Gilana from this point onward).
3/14: Seeing "The 39 Steps" on Broadway with my parents. Then dinner.
3/15: Tastefully Simple/Lia Sophia party-thing at a coworker's house.
3/21: Either work or AC with Gilana. Probably won't know until right before.
3/22: Arcati Krisis brunch thing
3/27-3/31: OMG I'd better be in FL

In other words, Ilana and I have sweet tickets for No Doubt & Paramore on June 11 at the Susquehanna Bank Center. I saw No Doubt on their Rock Steady tour (7 years ago???), and Paramore last summer. I'm probably far too excited about this concert.


Chas and I have decided that we need to get out of this town for a bit.

So we're planning a vacation.

It's looking like Florida right now, but who knows how many more times we're going to change our minds before then.

Snow Day!

Working from home with the Chas. And the cats, of course.